Sunday, August 12, 2012

So Succulent

So, I was trying to edit a post for Weddingbee, only to realize I drank a little too much wine to edit coherently.  I wisely logged off of that blog, since the audience is much bigger over there, and opted to write a post here instead.  You're welcome, friends.  Also, I love you all (no, that's not the wine talking).

About eleven months ago, this happened:

{That's us gettin' hitched in case you didn't know}
Photo by Jamie Grant

One of the many elements I had to have in our wedding day were succulents, I think they are such beautiful plants.

Photo by Molly

We spent a lot of time and effort growing these succulents to use as decor for our wedding, and I knew I wanted to bring some of these plants with me to DC.  My husband and I both brought a plant in the milk glass containers we used at our reception to decorate our work spaces, but I knew I wanted to do something more as well.  

What I really wanted to do was something like this:

Photo by piperaudrey

Can you say AMAZING!?!

Seriously, I'm in love with this succulent wall.  But, if you recall from my last post, our tiny apartment in a high rise is not very conducive to such a beauty.  So, I scaled my dreams down.  A lot.  I found this tutorial to make something similar on a much, much smaller scale and decided to half ass follow it.  

With the help of my husband, we made this:

And, from the side:

It's not quite a succulent wall, but it is a little part of our wedding living on with us.  And one day, when I have a succulent wall (I will have a succulent wall) I can add our wedding succulents and remember the beauty that was our wedding day (insert collective awww here).

Who else wants a succulent wall?


  1. Me! I want one! I'm having THE hardest time keeping them alive, even while following all the suggestions. Yours look beautiful!

  2. Oh no! That makes me sad! How often do you water them? Honestly, some mine are not looking so hot right now and have dried up, but I want yours to keep kickin'! I'm going to bring you more next time I am home :)

  3. I miss you and your craftiness!!! When will I see your face again?


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