Thursday, January 31, 2013

2013 Plans

Yes, I'm fully aware that it is the final day of January, and that most people make 'resolutions' on the first day of the year.  Sadly, working on procrastination is not on my list. 

I'm not really a fan of making resolutions, I find they are usually full of either unpleasant tasks or unrealistic expectations.  Plans, on the other hand, as something you make, with intention.  Things to aspire to.  So, these are my plans for 2013. 

1.  Run a race

I run on a fairly regular basis, but I have never trained for a formal race.    Running a 5k doesn't seem like much of a challenge since I run about three of those a week on the treadmill, so I have my sights set on running a half marathon this year.  Still a crazy, stupid long distance (in my opinion), but not so crazy that it can't be done (….right?). 

2.  Use my degree

Instead of just making it a goal to get a full time job (because, seriously, that's always a goal), I want to pledge to use the degree I will continue to pay off for several years.  While I would prefer to get paid to use my education, I also want to volunteer my time, which will hopefully allow me to experience different areas of the law.

3.  Read more books

Somewhere in the mess that was law school and 'real life' (whatever that means), I forgot about a deep and passionate love of mine--reading.  Yes, I still read, mostly on the internet, but I lost that lovin' feelin' I had with books and would only read sporadically as I heard of new books that interested me.   I don't want to assign myself a certain number of books to read for the year, because I think that will make reading feel like a challenge (or worse, a chore), which is not what I want.  Instead, I have a rather lengthy list of books I would like to read and I plan on working my way through the list.  Ideally, I would like to read about three books a month (although I'm already on my 8th book for January).  So, if you have any suggestions, let me know :)

4.  Travel more
Brian and I made this a joint goal for the coming year.  There is a never-ending list of places we want to go, so we are trying to make this a priority in the coming year.  Being in DC, we are just a few hours away from several new and exciting places that we plan to explore over the next year, while also taking some bigger, more exotic trips as well (which will hopefully include some international travel).
5.  Respond faster to emails
I am one of those people that checks their email on their smartphone throughout the day, makes a mental note on how to respond, and inevitably fails to respond until much, much later than I originally planned.  So, instead, I am going to make it a plan to respond within 48 hours so that the recipient doesn't feel as if I have neglected them and I can stay on top of things.
6.  Make some friends
I really just want someone in the DC area that I feel comfortable calling up to hang out every so often without feeling like I am bothering them.  Is that too much to ask?  I'm not an extrovert by nature and I prefer to observe rather than participate, which makes meeting people difficult.  Throw in a healthy portion of insecurity and it's really no surprise I have few friends here.  But, these are all excuses, and I don't want them to stand in the way of meeting awesome new people.
7.  Take more pictures with people
This is a fine line for me.  On one hand, I want to live in the moment and not worry about getting a picture of each and every little thing that happens in my life, on the other hand, I love taking pictures and I love having a tangible memory to look back on an experience.  So, without making everything in my life a documentary, I want to remember to take more pictures, especially with and of my friends and family.
8.  Write more
I discovered through reading and blogging on a regular basis, that I really enjoy writing.  But writing about myself and my life can get rather boring, especially since I censor myself a great deal on this blog (it's for your benefit, really).  Even if no one ever reads what I write , I want to have a creative outlet for my thoughts and crazy ideas.
9.  Read all my photography books
If you saw any of my posts from our trip to Greece, you know I absolutely love to take pictures.  Sadly, photography is a fun, but expensive hobby and my ability to update my camera and lenses is limited right now.  So instead of lusting after new equipment, I am going to focus on learning and internalizing the basics of photography.  I own several books on the subject, but I have never finished reading a single one of them.  So, I want to read them all (which will also help with goal #3) to hopefully improve my skills so that when I do invest in fancy new camera equipment, I will be able to use it effectively.
10.  De-clutter by getting rid of unwanted and unused items
So this is kind of a cliché resolution, but it is still something that I would like to address.  Like most people, we have a lot of stuff, much of it that we don't use and never sees the light of day.  Instead of leaving it in a box or a closet, I want to remove these things from our lives altogether by donating our unwanted extras.  
What are your plans for 2013? 

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Longing for Spring

The high in DC today was a balmy 71 degrees.  It felt amaaazing.  It felt like spring.  And I love spring.  Spring is my favorite season.  Everything is in bloom, new, and, most importantly, green.  I know that this weather isn't going to last and a few days we'll be back to subfreezing temperatures, so I'm prolonging the feeling for just a bit longer with some springy, stripey inspiration.

How perfect is this?  The stripes, the bracket shaped flap, the green--it's wonderful.  It would be perfect, except for the $125 price tag.

Are these work pants you lounge around in your progressive professional office?  Lux pajama pants you only wear while sporting your four inch heels?  Who knows, but if you have $225 you should order them and tell me.

How adorable is this skirt?  I would wear it all the time, if only it weren't sold out.

Fact:  I have been in love with this bag for a long time.  It's advertised as a diaper bag, but I could and would totally use it for all sorts of things! 

What makes you think of spring? 

Friday, January 25, 2013

Friday Favorites

I haven't done one of these posts in a few weeks, not for lack of desire, but because I've been busy with all sorts of things lately.  Some were planned and fun (my dad visiting for the inauguration), and some have been unplanned and not quite as fun as I had hoped (more on that later, though).  Anyway, I'm happy to be back to share a few things that have been making me happy over the last few weeks.
Downton Abbey
If you've never seen Downton Abbey, watch it.  Now.  I've professed my love for this show before, but it is worth repeating.  Although this season is already a few episodes in (which also means the season is about half over), I still get sucked in every Sunday night.  There's something about the elegance and sophistication of a wealthy English family mixed with the drama of everyday life that I just love.  Also, their clothes are amazing.  And, Maggie Smith.
Also, the feud between O'Brien and Thomas might just be the best thing on television.  Ever.  In case you aren't familiar with the show, these two characters are usually conniving and scheming together, but this season they are pitted against each other in what will hopefully turn into an all out bitch fest by the season finale. 
30 Rock
After seven years, 30 Rock is down to its final episode next week.  As a lover of all things Tina Fey, I've been a fan of this show from the beginning.  I'm sad to see such a hilarious show be gone from my tv repertoire,  but I'm hoping for an epic ending to the series next week.
VS Minty Lip Shine
I have owned this stuff for several years, but I recently rediscovered it hidden in one of my old work bags.  It says it is "a fresh take on shine.  This mint-infused balm leaves lips glossy and hydrated while freshening every breath you take."  While the breath freshening claim seems dubious to me, it does keep my lips hydrated during these dry winter days while giving my lips a nice tingle from the mint .  I'm not usually a big fan of the VS lip shines because they tend to be too sticky for me, but this one always seems to have the perfect consistency while still giving my lips a nice shine.
I saw people take notes in law school using this program all the time.  Yet, I retained my allegiance to good ol' Microsoft Word out of some strange loyalty, or, more accurately, ignorance.  I love having multiple tabs open for internet browsing, and OneNote essentially does the same thing but with documents.  The formatting is perfect for list making (which I love to do!) and I love that you can have a notebook for one subject, broken down into sections or categories that make sense to you. 
We have had this movie at the top of our Netflix queue since it came out on dvd in November and we finally got it to watch this week.  I love all of the Disney/Pixar collaborations, and Brave did not disappoint.  This movie had it all; a strong female lead, Scottish revelry,  a bit of magic, and even a Mumford & Sons song (although it was performed by Birdy in the movie).  I loved it and it makes me want to visit Scotland and learn to use a bow and arrow.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Inaugural Views

It has been a busy place around here lately, both in our house and around town. In case you missed it, the 57th inaugural was on Monday. And, since we are crazy, we ventured out to experience the grand festivities. 
The Capitol-a few days before the inauguration and on a much nicer day

 I've watched my fair share of inaugurations on television over the years, but this was my first opportunity to experience one in person. 

We started out on the overextended metro. Although the number of people using the trains was comparable to a regular workday, these trains were filled with tourists, school groups, and a slew of people who were clearly not subway savvy.  It would have annoyed me, but I had my first real celebrity siting that day.  

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Dyeing for More

After my grand success in DIYing my own colored skinnies, I have had the overwhelming desire to find more pants and dye them all the colors.  Although finding white pants that will work for this purpose is easier said than done, I have managed to secure two new pairs of pants at a local Goodwill.  While I doubt only two new colorful pants will satiate my desire for pants in every color of the rainbow, it is a start. 

My real issue is deciding which two colors to dye my new pants.  These are the current dye selections offered by Rit, although you can tweak them slightly by adding black to any color to make a darker shade.  Or, you can simply remove the fabric from the dye before the recommended time for a lighter shade.
Screenshot from Rit
I used Dark Green and Cherry Red on my other pants.  This time around, I was thinking of Kelly Green (have we met?  Green is my favorite) and Sunshine Orange.  The more I consider my options though, the more orange feels too autumnal.  The weather around here this past weekend makes me believe the spring is right around the corner (even though I realize this is not true at all), and I want pants that I can wear now, not months from now.
So, what colors would you suggest for my newly acquired pants?  What would your top choice be?

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Belle of the Inaugural Ball

With the inauguration just around the corner, the DC area is gearing up for the big day and all the pageantry that goes with it.

This will be the first inauguration we will experience as residents of the area and we're hoping to join in the festivities.  We were hoping to score some tickets to the inaugural ball, but due to an error on Ticketmaster's part, we, along with scores of others, will not be going*.  This hasn't stopped me from fantasizing about what gorgeous gown I would have worn had we gotten tickets. 

Since my gown wearing occasions are few and far between, investing in a fancy gown would be a waste.  Rent the Runway seems to be the perfect solution; you can rent fancy dresses at a fraction of the retail cost.  Although I've never rented anything from this site, I love the concept.  Plus, the selection is amazing.

Halston Heritage / Rent the Runway

Friday, January 4, 2013

Friday Favorites

It has been a few weeks since I have been able to do one of these posts with all craziness of the holidays, but I'm back to share a few things that have caught my fancy lately.

Pantone Color of the Year 2013

So, this is old news since this was announced a few weeks ago, but I'm still pretty happy about it.  Green is my favorite color, so when Pantone announced that emerald would be the color of the year for 2013, I was ecstatic.  Not only will it ensure that my favorite color will be all over the place in the next year, but I think its a sign that good things are coming for 2013.

Windows 8 Touchscreens


I've been in need of a new laptop for some time now, so Brian surprised me (kind of, I'm really difficult to surprise) with a new beauty for Christmas.  I know that pcs are considered pretty lame by the youngins, but after using Brian's Mac for the last year or so, I knew I wanted to stick with the pc.  I guess I'm just lame.  Anyway, I'm still getting used to the new system, but I love having a touchscreen integrated into my laptop.

American Horror Story

Since I have a lot of free time, I watch a lot of shows on Netflix.  This week, I discovered the dark and fascinating world of American Horror Story.  Even though what happens in the house is pretty creepy, I still wish I could live in that amazing house.  I can't wait to watch season 2!

What are you loving this week?  Anyone else use Windows 8; love it or hate it?
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