30 Before 30

Ahh, thirty.  A milestone that many people seem to dread.  I am not one of them, but only because I’m in denial.  To curb the inevitable panic that turning thirty will bring, I’ve decided to embrace this landmark by creating a list of things to accomplish in the meantime.  Then, when I turn thirty, I can revel in my ability to set and accomplish my goals.  Or laugh at how naïve those goals end up being.   Whatever the situation calls for.

Since I’m still a few years away from the big three-oh, some of my goals are a little more ambitious and life-altering, but these things are supposed to be a little bit of challenge.

Here is my list:

1.  Get a job!
2.  Buy a home
3.  Find a BFF in DC
4.  Get a stamp on my passport (finally!)
5.  Run a 10k or half marathon
6.  Organize our old scanned photos
7.   Make my own wine
8.  See Coldplay in concert (again)
9.  Visit Fenway in Boston
10. Invest in a better camera and lenses
11. Have un bebe
12. Pay off half of my student loans
13. Find the best cupcake in the area
14. Try a new hairstyle
15. Take a tour of the White House
16. Host a dinner or holiday party
17. Go ice skating
18. Go on a vacation with my friends
19. Adopt a pet
20. Try a yoga class
21. Visit wineries (as many as possible)
22. Make my grandma’s homemade doughnuts
23. Sew something I will use
24. Go to a Cubs game
25. Try new hobby (taking suggestions)
26. Have 20/20 vision
27. Attend BGW4 (and 5, and 6...)
28. Donate my hair to a good cause
29. Take a photography and/or photo editing class
30. Update my blog on a regular basis

So there you have it, my thirty goals before I turn thirty. 

On my last blog, I had a ‘101 things in 1000 days’ list, but I quickly realized that is a lot of things to keep track of and remember to do, let alone blog about.  Yes, I’m lazy.  But, I also realized that many of my goals since getting married and moving across country have changed.  I think these goals are more relevant to my life and situation.

I’ll be updating my progress with blog posts, including a comprehensive post to see how I fared after I hit the thirty mark.

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