Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Year One

Last week, Brian and I celebrated our first anniversary.  The year went by so quickly, yet it feels like forever ago that we stood in front of our nearest and dearest and pledged our lives to one another.

They say the first year is the hardest, and while I have no other years to compare to, I don't disagree with this sentiment.  This has been a difficult year for Brian and I, but not necessarily due to the reasons one normally suspects.  Of course, we have experienced the growing pains that come with living together alone for the first time (we previously lived with my dad, so I don't really count that), but aside from the occasional argument over household chores, we transitioned quite easily into marriage.

What has made this year difficult were the life transitions we've experienced.  We live far from our families, and our families live far from each other, so holidays have to be planned out and divided.  We have had to learn to live on one income in a very expensive city.  We had to learn how to find our own space within eight hundred square feet of living space.

In this, we have learned to rely on each other, for the good and the bad.  I never really understood why people called their spouse their best friend, but after this year I can't imagine anyone but Brian having that title.

But, enough with the sappy stuff.  Let's talk about how we celebrated.

Traditionally, couples eat the top layer of their wedding cake on their one year anniversary.  Well, that didn't happen for us.  We actually ate the top layer of our cake on our one month anniversary.  The poor top layer traveled twelve hours in a very hot, packed car when I moved to DC last October.  It did not look good after all that travel.  So we ate it.

Luckily, it still tasted delicious.

Since we already ate the top tier of our wedding cake, I assumed we would just buy a small cake or cupcakes to eat on our anniversary.  But, I decided that while delicious, cake would not be the best option.  You see, Brian likes cake, but he prefers desserts with tart flavoring, and since it was our anniversary I figured I should make something he actually likes.  Best wife ever, I know.

While we were in Tennessee a couple of weeks ago, Brian asked for just one of his Mema's recipes.  I knew right then I had to make it for our anniversary.  So I did.

This my friends, is blackberry cobbler, Southern style.  Surprisingly simple and oh so tasty.  Of course, it cannot be eaten alone, it must always be accompanied by a healthy portion of vanilla ice cream.

Yum.  Now I want some cobbler.  Or a cupcake.

Next up, I'll talk about what we gifted each other!


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