Sunday, March 9, 2014

Charlie: 7 Month Update

So, I kind of made a  huge announcement and then dropped off for a week, sorry about that and thank you for all the kind words! I have a good reason though-we went on a lovely and relaxing babymoon (post coming this week) and I am not together enough to actually schedule any posts beforehand. I'll work on that. In the meantime, please accept my apologies and an update on our adorable pup.
His Favorites: going anywhere in the car, destroying his fabric toys, spooning and/or sleeping on us, looking at himself in the mirror (I'm still hoping to snap a picture of this happening because it is so hilarious, we like to make up things he's thinking while he's staring at himself)
Napping on my lap
His Least Favorites: being brushed (he's learning to tolerate it since we try to do it every day to cut down on the excess hair around our house), being wrapped up in blankets, being blown on
Failed selfie attempt on a snow day
Personality: I was afraid that neutering him would change his personality, but almost a month post op he is still the happy, energetic pup we love. Now that he has matured ever so slightly, we are able to enjoy him much more, rather than worrying what ‘bad’ thing he’s going to do next. He makes us laugh on a daily basis as his fun personality continues to develop.
We have a running joke that Charlie is actually part cat due to his many feline-like habits. He always wants to chase birds (although his breed was created for hunting ducks), he stretches and puts his paws up on us as cats do when they want to be picked up, he likes laying in the sun, chasing things, and gets spooked very easily.

New to Him: The biggest thing was definitely the surgery to have him neutered. We have also been working really hard on fully housetraining him. He uses puppy grass when we’re at work and I think he is so accustomed to using it throughout the day, he developed a preference to it over going outside. We’ve cut off access to it while we are home though and he has adjusted rather quickly. He still doesn't understand that he actually has to bark when standing by the door so we know to take him outside.

The oddest new 'habit' he has picked up is lifting his poop. He doesn't do it every time and we don't know why he thinks he needs to lift his leg, but it gives us a good laugh just because it is so bizarre.

Happy Monday and a fantastic week to all!

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  1. Aw, Charlie! If he's not a barker, I have a friend who put one of those cashier bells on the floor, that her dog rings when he wants to go outside. Maybe something like that could help?


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