Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Jamaican Babymoon, Mon

After considering many fabulous looking locations, we ultimately decided to head to Jamaica for our final vacation before baby boy makes his appearance this summer. We chose Jamaica for several reasons: short flights, an abundance of all inclusive options, and a promise of a good time.

We chose to take a private shuttle directly to our hotel since the cost was comparable to the shared option, but we wouldn't have to stop at multiple resorts along the way. Our driver did stop so that we could check out his favorite spot along the way though:

Our resort was in the town Runaway Bay, which is about an hour drive from the main airport on the island. After an early morning flight (6 am, yikes), we were just ready to get to the hotel and relax. And eat (mostly I wanted to eat). Luckily, the hotel did not disappoint once we finally arrived.


The resort was huge, although we opted for the 'exclusive' package that gave us access to adults only restaurants, pools, bars, and beach section. The main thing our exclusivity got us was better beach chairs and drinks brought to us on request, aka the important things.

The view from our room was pretty fantastic, including plenty of ocean. We even had a view of the wedding chapel, where we spied on a couple of weddings from our balcony:

We spent the majority of our time enjoying this view however:

The main goal of our babymoon was to relax and enjoy ourselves before life becomes constantly chaotic and crazy. So we didn't do any excursions or tours, but we made up for it with plenty of naps, fueled by sun, jerk chicken, and delicious drinks (yes, mine were non alcoholic, much to the confusion of many a bartender and waiter).

Rocking his purple armband and sunburn

Obligatory feet by the ocean shot 

Baby bump alert!

As much as I loved getting away from the cold and snow for a while, I was is ready to return home to our little pup and get our lives ready for baby!

I do miss this view though 

Have you been to Jamaica? Did you enjoy all the delicious rum?

*sorry for the wonky text justification, I cannot for the life of me figure out how to correct it on my mobile device!


  1. This sounds like a great vacation! I've never been to Jamaica, but I would definitely love to add a relaxing beach vacation to my short list.

  2. What a relaxing trip! I've been to Jamaica, but it was via cruise, so we didn't get a whole lot of time in the port! Also you are just the cutest pregnant lady!

  3. Sounds like such a nice, relaxing vacation before your son arrives!


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