Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Reunited and it Feels So Good

I missed a lot of things while on vacation (our comfy bed, the ability to flush toilet paper, the little things), but the thing I missed the most was my wedding set.

That's right, I left my wedding and engagement rings at home and opted to buy and wear a 'stand in' ring for our vacation.  Although I wasn't really worried about anything happening to my 'real' rings while we were in Greece, I didn't want to worry about them at all.  Not while swimming in the ocean, not when my fingers were swollen from the immense heat and I couldn't wait to take my rings off, and not when walking to our hotel Athens in a seedy area at night.

So, I bought these rings to wear during our vacation.
I apologize for the extreme close up of my hand.

Since my fingers are rather small and costume rings at most stores are not, I ordered my set from ebay for a whopping $8.  While I was pleased with the cost, it didn't take me long to start missing my real rings.

Not only are my real rings way prettier than the stand ins (not that I'm biased), but the stand in rings are thicker and felt rather clunky on my somewhat petite finger.

I kind of expected such a cheap set of rings to turn my finger green, but luckily the only discoloring these rings caused came naturally.

 Hello tan line!

Tell me, have you or would you use a fake ring while on vacation?


  1. I usually just lock my rings/jewelery up in the hotel safe and only put them on for dinner on vacations, but this is a good idea for future trips!

  2. I never thought to get a stand-in! Both rings are pretty, but your real one definitely is much more beautiful! I would probably get a plain simple band as a stand-in if I bought one.

  3. Oddly enough, I have never really entertained the idea of a stand-in set. Yours are some of the prettiest stand-ins I've seen, though! (And, obviously, your real ones blow the pretty stand-ins out of the water!)

  4. I'm a fan of ring stand-ins! I didn't do it for vacation when we went to Jamaica because I wasn't willing to part with my ring for that long, but I did wear a stand-in when I went to the beach because I didn't want my ring to get sandy or lost in the ocean!

    I also have my ring insured, so I don't really NEED to worry about it, since the insurance would cover loss, theft, damage, but I would still worry because that's my nature. That being said, I already know that there's no way I could stand leaving my ring(s) behind when we went on our honeymoon, so I'd just worry about them on my finger instead of worrying about them at home.

  5. I cannot get over the fact that those stand-ins are fake and were only $8! They are so freaking pretty! What a good idea, especially for such a far away/international trip.

  6. That's amazing those were only $8. The fact they didn't turn your finger green is an even bigger feat! :) Way to go, chuck norris of shoppers!

  7. The only thing I could think of while reading this post was your long fingers picking up mashed potatos...


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