Friday, November 2, 2012

A Long Overdue Post Wedding Chop

Yes, you read that right.  I finally cut my hair.  It only took thirteen months of marriage and my husband badgering me on a daily basis for the last month when I was getting my hair cut, but it is now done.

Let's take a look at the before, shall we?

My ridiculously long hair.  Also, self portraits are weird, hence why I'm not looking at the camera.

Obviously, my hair was not in great shape.  After almost two and a half years of growing without a trim, the ends were just plain gross.  I tried to cut off split ends when I saw them, but what my hair really needed was a cut.  And a cut it got.  

This is what almost two feet of hair looks like after it is chopped off and put on a coffee table.

And, this is what my hair looks like now, with about twenty two inches removed.

Yay healthy hair!  

This is easily the shortest hair style I have had since my hair started growing.  At first I really loved it, but after the novelty of short hair wore off (approximately two days), I'm kind of over it.  I can't style my hair nearly as nicely as my stylist did (shocker, I know) and it usually ends up looking kind of...triangular.  

I also don't think it looks much like the inspiration picture I showed the stylist:


My hair seems to have much more of an angled bob look, whereas I really wanted a long bob with some tapering in the front (I think. I just want Heidi's hair.).  I am comforted by the fact that my hair will hopefully be made into a beautiful wig for a very deserving cancer patient, since I am donating my hair to Pantene Beautiful Lengths.

And, because I started to feel silly trying to take decent pictures of myself with my dslr and tripod, I share with you my outtakes.

The before and after, including my 'styling' on the right, pictures courtesy of my cell phone.  

Apparently I wear a lot of blue.  Also, go Bears!

How long do you normally go between cuts?  This is brand new territory for me and I'm unsure how to proceed!

Happy weekend everyone!  


  1. I would absolutely lose my mind if my hair was that long! Mine's about 18 inches shorter than that, and I still think it's too long. haha Love the shorter 'do!

  2. Your hair is seriously cute!! Nice work! Also, your outtakes are freakin' hilarious! I want to frame them!-BW

  3. Your new 'do looks so cute! I think maybe the difference between yours and Heidi's is that it looks like she's got a shorter side-bang thing going on? But I still think yours looks good even if it's not exactly the same as hers. :)

  4. It looks so cute!! I think it really suits you. And you know Heidi def. can't do her hair like that herself. I feel like her hair is always in a ponytail when paps snap her in public.

  5. I never like subtle haircuts, so I LOVE this!

  6. Wow, I can't believe how long your hair was - I'd go crazy! I also don't think mine could physically grow that long, because it tends to just stop growing after it hits mid-back. Regardless, I love the new cut. It looks great and healthy, and I think some texturizer/volumizer to pump it up would help it look more like Heidi's. Also like someone else said, I think yours lacks the bangs that make a big difference to make it look like hers. I love bobs though - classically chic!

  7. Your hair looks so great!!! I'm so excited for you :)

  8. I love it. I'm a long hair girl but once every blue moon I just cut it, and spend the next few months regretting it because I'm used to longer hair. But change is good, and your hair looks great and healty.

  9. Your husband wanted you to cut it? Most guys would be begging for you to keep it long.

    It looks great though and is certainly more practical than hip length. Give it a while longer and you may start to love it again.

    As for how often to cut, it depends how fast your hair grows and how consistently you want to maintain the length. If you want to keep it above your shoulders to get that nice swing, probably every 8 weeks or so.

    Congrats on a great change.

  10. Love the cut! Really you should have started with the outtakes, too funny!


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