Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Holiday Styling

We got back from Thanksgiving travel and I promptly got sick.  I have thus spent a lot of time resting on the couch while pursuing things I can't afford on the internet.  

With my husband's company holiday party coming up in a few short weeks, I've turned my attention to something new and pretty to wear for the occasion.  These are my favorite finds so far.

I actually tried on this dress at an Anthropologie a couple weeks back, and I was just disappointed.  The top fit weird and the ruffles did not look nearly as expensive as they should given the price tag.


I've never ordered from this company, which always worries me that the sizing or fabric will be completely off, but I love the lace and shape of this dress.

The reviews of this dress say the waist is baggy and unflattering, otherwise I may have already purchased this dress by now.  The green is fantastic and I just love the little sleeves.

I love the delicate scallops on this dress, although the reviews say it is not lace as it looks.  I also think the top seems ill fitting on the model, so I worry what it would look like with a chest.


I seriously love JCrew and it is always the first place I go when looking for new clothing.  I love the color, but the seam in the middle of the chest just looks off to me.  Maybe you can't tell in person, but it would keep me from ordering it without seeing it first.


If you can't tell, I have a slight obsession with green.  The drapes on this dress are lovely and I think would be totally flattering.  An added bonus, this dress could definitely be worn at work (when I get my dream job in the near future).


Yes, it's green.  I have a problem.  But isn't the color just gorgeous?  Again, I've never ordered from this company, so I have no idea about the sizing and quality.  The sole review on this dress says the fabric is cheap, which is probably to be expected for the price, but I don't want to look cheap, so this is probably out.

I've been a fan of The Limited for a long time, I usually find their quality to be great for the price.  The red lace and this dress actually looks very similar to a top I bought  and love from here a while back.  I only worry that the way the lace cuts off at the bottom may make the dress look like it is too short.

Do you buy something new for holiday parties?  Which one is your favorite out of my options?


  1. OMG Get that J.Crew dress with the draped neckline. That is to DIE for! It'd be fab with sparkly accessories for a party or with a blazer for work. Plus, GREEN! (I am also obsessed.)

    1. I think it might be the front runner right now, I'm seriously in love. I'm hoping I'm still in love once I try it on! Also, I'm secretly hoping it goes on sale so I can justify the purchase a bit more.

    2. Do you get J.Crew emails? They keep having sales. Also, I know you're obsessed with the green, but they have it in red and black at J.Crew Factory.

    3. Agreed, the second J.Crew one is FAAAAB!

    4. @Molly-I'm pretty obsessed with red too (if you can't tell), so I'll check it out! Yes, right after I commented this morning I got an email for a JCrew sale, ha!
      @Allie-Thanks chica :)

    5. The draped J Crew is my favorite too, and I really think it'd be flattering (and work appropriate). I hope you can get a good deal! :)

  2. The Limited is a nice little often forgotten gem. Their quality is so good and their prices more than decent. Also, loving green right now. I don't know where you may live in relation to Outlets, but the Banana and Jcrew outlets at Tanger had TONS of cute dresses that I had no where to wear them to. Lots of emerald greens too.

    1. Oh, this is tempting! We're about 45 minutes from outlets (not Tanger, but same stores), depending on the traffic. Maybe I can talk the husband into taking me there this weekend, I'm not sure I want to do it alone!

  3. I totally love the JCrew one with the asymmetrical neckline. I can't pull off green all that well so I'd love to live through you. . PLEASE PICK GREEN. :)


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