Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Dyeing for More

After my grand success in DIYing my own colored skinnies, I have had the overwhelming desire to find more pants and dye them all the colors.  Although finding white pants that will work for this purpose is easier said than done, I have managed to secure two new pairs of pants at a local Goodwill.  While I doubt only two new colorful pants will satiate my desire for pants in every color of the rainbow, it is a start. 

My real issue is deciding which two colors to dye my new pants.  These are the current dye selections offered by Rit, although you can tweak them slightly by adding black to any color to make a darker shade.  Or, you can simply remove the fabric from the dye before the recommended time for a lighter shade.
Screenshot from Rit
I used Dark Green and Cherry Red on my other pants.  This time around, I was thinking of Kelly Green (have we met?  Green is my favorite) and Sunshine Orange.  The more I consider my options though, the more orange feels too autumnal.  The weather around here this past weekend makes me believe the spring is right around the corner (even though I realize this is not true at all), and I want pants that I can wear now, not months from now.
So, what colors would you suggest for my newly acquired pants?  What would your top choice be?


  1. lemon yellow!!! Except then you might become "the girl with the yellow pants." But I would like to be that girl.

  2. Aquamarine! And then I'd do the fuchsia but take it out before it got quite that bright, because the petal pink reads too brown but I would want a softer pink.

  3. Golden Yellow! And duh to Kelly Green. I have a pair of kelly green jeans, and they're awesome.

  4. Well I want fuschia ones! But I also could be on board with the Golden Yellow - it seems like "mustard color" is everywhere right now.

  5. tangerine!!!

    instead of autumn orange. then it would be a great spring/summer color.

  6. I vote for Royal Blue! My super-fashionable friend just did a blog post about this topic actually: http://www.psiwantit.com/colored-skinny-jeans/ Hope it helps!

  7. First - I don't believe in colors for seasons. You wear your Sunshine Orange in Spring if you darn well feel like it, girl!
    Second - I was actually thinking about you and your dyeing escapades the other day. I saw a really, really cute pair of turquoise pants and thought, "hmmm, I could potentially make those. . ." Granted, I couldn't really, because I suck at all of these types of things, but I thought of you and your awesome ones and had a moment of wistfulness tinged with jealousy. I hope you share your final decision!


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