Friday, May 24, 2013

Friday Favorites

This week has been crazy.  A good crazy, but crazy nonetheless.  I'm so grateful for the upcoming holiday weekend and (hopefully) having three glorious days off work so I can enjoy some of my new favorite things.

The Voice

It always makes me sad in the spring when another season of tv shows have come and gone.  There's nothing new and exciting on, so we're stuck watching reruns or experiments until our favorites come back in the fall.  We aren't big reality tv watchers, and we generally dislike shows that are talent competitions, but we've recently fallen in love with The Voice.  The contestants are talented, the coaches are invested, and the setup is interesting.  Plus, I think my husband (and every other guy out there) has a man crush on Blake Shelton.  He's basically makes the show with his witty banter and jokes.

Banana Bunker

You know what's the worst?  Bruised bananas.  The. Worst.  Enter the Banana Bunker.  This device keeps your bananas safe from bumps and bruises that can turn a delicious banana brown and nasty.  Unfortunately, this is one of those items I would never pay shipping for, even if I could totally see myself using it.

Summer Movies

Brian and I don't go to the theater very often.  We'd much rather enjoy movies from our Netflix queue in the comfort of our own home.  We really have to want to see the movie to actually go out.  There are quite a few movies out this summer though that we really want to see including Ironman 3, Man of Steel, and Star Trek Into Darkness (Benedict Cumberbatch seems great for this role).  A nice summer blockbuster seems like the perfect way to spend a hot, humid day this weekend.

How are you spending your Memorial Day weekend?


  1. LOVE The Voice! The best part is listening to Adam and Blake bicker all the time. :)

  2. I'm not one for the singing/talent reality shows- but I've really gotten into the voice this season! Blake and Adam really do make the show!

  3. I also love The Voice! We already saw Iron Man 3 and had a great time. Our next movie outing will be Star Trek, probably this weekend.

  4. Ironman 3 is good. Loooooooved Star Trek! You definitely need to see it in theaters!

    Jenny Mac


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