Friday, May 10, 2013

West Virginia Weekend Extravaganza(TM*)

 A little while ago, Brian and I packed up the Beetle and headed to West Virginia.  We weren't going alone though, we were going to meet up with some of our favorite people ever.

W is for winners

Our friends E and N live in Indy, making our visits far less frequent than we would like.  West Virginia is roughly the midpoint for us, so we thought it would be an easy trip for a weekend meet up.

We wanted a 'real' West Virginia experience, so we opted to rent a cabin in the mountains.

I won't bore you with all the interior pictures I took of the cabin, but here's what we were living with for the weekend.

We used the crap out of that fireplace

The best part of the cabin was on the back porch:

Sadly, this hot tub was not made to comfortably fit two adults, three max, but the four of us managed to squeeze into it and enjoy its relaxing benefits for a short time.

Our cabin's view

We didn't make any grand plans for the weekend, wanting to spend our time catching up on very important topics such as discussing the major flaws of the final  Twilight Saga movie and how to survive in the woods.  We did manage to see a couple of local attractions.

First we hiked around and enjoyed the woods near our cabin.

Serious nature walks require hats.  Now you know.

Canifex Ferry battle site from the Civil War

I trees were still brown, I bet they are much prettier now

We made the short drive to check out the New River Gorge bridge, which is the longest steel arch bridge in the US, and is also incredibly tall.  Although we passed on the opportunity, you can actually tour the bridge on a walkway underneath the road.

And with that, our wild weekend was over.  It was a short, but much needed visit with friends.

Have you visited Wild and Wonderful West Virginia?  Or gone on a short vacation with friends?  Happy Weekend!

*We totally want to trademark this


  1. I've never been to WV, but it looks beautiful! And hats are totally necessary for nature walks. We used to have to wear them at Girl Scout Camp so ticks wouldn't fall from the trees and get into your hair!

  2. I have major bridge anxiety, and just looking at a photo of that bridge stresses me out.

  3. Sounds like a fun trip! I love weekend visits with friends who live far away

  4. We just booked a room at one of the West Virginia resorts, but if we like it I wouldn't mind going back to stay in one of these types of cabins too! Looks like a lot of fun :)


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