Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Sandal Search

Now that summer is almost here, I've begun my yearly ritual of looking for the perfect sandal.  Yes, yearly.  The search would probably be easier if I didn't already know exactly what I want.  In my shopping experience, the easiest way to to be unproductive while shopping is to know what you want.  Bonus if you are ready to spend the money.

You see, I had the perfect sandal once and I'm obsessed with finding a similar pair again.  They were brown leather slide sandals that crossed in an x over the foot.  They had plenty of cushion to make them comfortable without making them too tall.   I wore them everyday.  I even wore them into the fall with ridiculous socks because I have no shame (or fashion sense, apparently.  in my defense, I was in high school, so I didn't know any better).  I wore them until they fell apart and my mom made me throw them away.

So, I've been searching in vain for many years, but unable to find a suitable replacement.  Here are a few of the contenders from my online searching of this year's stock:

Born Gayla from Zappos

These are probably the closest sandals I could find to my elusive perfect pair.  The buckle is its ultimate ruin.   In my experience, a buckle that serves no function only serves to cause discomfort.

These look adorable, but I have my doubts about their comfort.  These look as though they have zero arch support, which is a must for my feet.

Kork Ease Corine from Nordstrom

The front of these look similar to my old shoes, but I still don't love them.  I think the two tone leather is throwing me off.

I think Anthropologie is out to bankrupt me.  These are seriously cute and I want them regardless of the fact that they look as though they would cut into every inch of my feet.

Timberland Earthkeepers Whittier Jute Sandal from Nordstrom

I am intrigued by the eco conscious nature of these sandals, but the heel is an obvious turn off for me.  I don't want height, but it seems like all the cute shoes have heels.  It's a vicious cycle.

These don't cross across the foot like my old pair, but they look oh so comfortable, albeit a little matronly.  I've tried on Born shoes before and they feel like pillows for your feet, but I'm not sure how much style I'm willing to sacrifice for comfort just yet.

Do you have a favorite sandal?  Have you ever tried to replace an item you once loved with winning results?


  1. YES! I had a pair of Clark's sandals that were PERFECT and they're just about dead now, which makes me very sad. So I've been on the lookout for something that's comfortable and conducive to lots of walking, but not ugly, and also hopefully not brown or black (I'm weird about mixing neutrals), and so far I've turned up empty handed.

    I don't think the Born ones are too matronly at all!

  2. I have a pair of Born sandals that are awesome. They're flip-flops, and they're gold, so they go with everything. I walk so much, and I was sick of cheap Target flip flips with no support, so I coughed up the cash for nice, supportive sandals. Totally worth it.

  3. Hi Jess, same here, I'm always on the hunt for sandals. I just saw a pair on exPress-o that you might like... looks like it offers at least some arch support and comes in lots of colors, but the sizes are limited (always something!) http://www.toast.co.uk/product/footwear/F1AN9/SALT-WATER+SANDAL.htm


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