Thursday, November 7, 2013

House Tour: Up (and Down) Stairs

After showing off the main floor of our house, I'm finally back to share our lower and upper levels. I can't find personal pictures of the upstairs at all, so you'll have to settle for those taken to put the house on the market (which are better than anything I could take anyway).

Walking in the front door, you are immediately greeted by the stairs to the upper floor. While I would have preferred an entryway with a little more space, we make it work. This carpet, however, does not work for me.

To the left coming up the stairs is our master bedroom, our second floor bath, and a linen closet.

Our master bedroom has a lot going for it; it's large, full of light, and actually has overhead lighting. Unfortunately, it is also painted an ugly light terracotta color that needs to go ASAP.

Our upstairs bathroom is tiled in a peachy/pink color that I cannot wait to tear off the walls. If I have my way, this little bathroom will be our first home renovation (and total gut) project.

On the other side of the hallway from our master bedroom are the other two bedrooms. This yellow room is the bigger of the two. Although I don't hate the color, I don't love it either, so we'll probably be painting it in the near future as well.

Our third bedroom is somewhat deceiving because the old owners turned it into an epic walk in closet. It is perfect for the two of us right now, but we may need to change this room into something more practical when we decide to expand our family. I will be so, so sad when that day comes.

Downstairs is my much beloved walk out basement. Only half is finished, but the half that is finished is exactly what I wanted. It is one big room with laminate floors, a big built-in, plenty of light, and a pretty green paint colors on the wall. As you can see, the basement has turned into Charlie's room, but we hope to one day use it as a family room with a sectional, giant tv, and surround system.

The other half of our basement is unfinished laundry, utilities, and storage space. And bugs. Oh, the bugs. We already have quite the collection of junk between some of our things and stuff left behind by the former owners.

I'm never going to have a pretty laundry space, but that is okay cause I have high efficiency machines again!

The former owner was very fond of photography and used the space under that stairs (aka Harry Potter's room) as a dark room since it has no windows or light. We don't produce our own prints, but we do produce our own wine, so we are going to convert this into our wine cellar. We want to add some shelving for bottles and dedicate a place for our brewing carboys.

That concludes the tour inside our house, but I'm not quite done. Up next I'll share some pictures of our outdoor spaces.


  1. What a great house! You guys have so much space to grow into.

  2. Such a great space!! I can't wait to see all of the changes that you have in mind, especially that wine cellar under the stairs!


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