Monday, December 23, 2013

Charlie: 22 & 23 weeks

 I'm finally catching up with Charlie updates after my hiatus! And, lucky for you, this update is full of adorable pictures!

Likes: snow! Ice! Omg, they're delicious! And all over the ground! I'm going to stop  doing my business outside entirely and just eat all the snow and ice I can thus compounding the problem because now I am full of water!! Best thing ever!!! (seriously.)

Dislikes: birds, snow plows/salt trucks, nice little neighborhood kids that deliver plates of cookies to my people...they're up to no good, obviously.

He learned how to jump over the baby gate so we had to improvise, which resulted in this

New to him: growling and barking at said birds, snow plows, and cute little neighborhood children, giving high fives

Post bath fluffy pup

Looking forward to: our 12. hour. drive. to Tennessee, destroying packages under the Christmas tree, hanging out with bitches in Tennessee (not being derogatory, they're female dogs)

Happiest of holidays from Charlie!!

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  1. He's so adorable Jess! It seems like he suddenly got big overnight! How did he do on the long drive?


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