Thursday, January 9, 2014

Christmas Dreams Can Come True

At least one of mine did this year. 

A few weeks ago, my father in law stopped to see us on his way back home from visiting my brother in law. As only the second 'real' guest to our house (as in, a guest from out of state), we were excited to show off our home and discuss all the improvements we are planning on making.

After staying with my brother in law for a week in snow covered Boston with little to do (he is limited in what he is allowed to do), my father in law was itching to do something. So, when I mentioned that the lack of lighting in our living room was going on the top of our to do list, he not so subtly suggested that a trip to Home Depot was in order. 

My father in law knows how to fix almost anything (and has luckily passed much of this knowledge on to his sons), so about twenty four hours, a couple of holes in the wall, and a lot of dust later, we finally have a light in our living room.

Behold our light:

It is not fancy, and certainly not pretty, but I love it all the same. We're still deciding on what type of light fixture to put in its place (who knew how many light fixtures there are to choose from?!), but for now I am appreciative to have any light at all.

A close up, excuse the fingerprint smudges 


  1. i recently put in an overhead light in my living room as well. It was like a choir of angels when it was finally installed and we had light in our room! It was so glorious! pictures made it look so small and meager, but for us, it was a grand victory to have overhead light! ours cost a pretty penny to install since we had to use the professionals, so you were lucky you had your father in law.

  2. Woohoo! As someone who doesn't have anything but a floor lamp in the guest bedroom and the living room I totally understand your excitement!


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