Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Snow Days in DC

In Illinois, snow days look like this:

(Actually, this probably wasn't a snow day)
(Again, maybe a snow day, maybe just January)

In DC, snow days look like this:
Our backyard barely snow covered on our last snow day

Downtown DC on the same snow day, taken by my husband who wisely still went to work.
I think some of the cars have snow on them. Maybe.
I understand that the DC area is not accustomed to the amounts of snow, ice, and wind that the Midwest and other areas get during winter and are thus less prepared to deal with such conditions. Sometimes though, I just have to shake my head at the way people around here act over possible snowy conditions.
Today, we got to extend our weekend even further with another snow day. Currently, there is no snow coming down, but the weather forecast is calling for up to ten inches of snow over the next twenty four hours. Of course, the weather people around here are geeking out (we haven't had more than two inches in DC proper for more than three years!!). I'm just hoping we've taken a day off for a real reason this time. Until then, I'm going to enjoy a day with my boys, once they wake up.
How does your area react to snow or the threat of it? Anyone else enjoying an unexpected day off?


  1. Texas freaks out about snow, but it was 71 degrees yesterday, so unfortunately I don't see any snow days in our near future. :(

  2. DC makes me laugh because you guys DO get snow! It seems like there's at least one widely publicized snow day every year, so you'd think maybe they'd build up the infrastructure required to deal with it.

  3. Um, it's been 80 degrees here for the past two weeks, this week included. I would love real weather sometime soon. Just kidding.

  4. We haven't gotten any snow since moving to Charlotte, so I'm not sure what happens when it snows. Probably mass chaos and panic. There was a two hour school delay recently because it was too cold outside. (Meanwhile it was 30 degrees colder in NY and I'm pretty sure everything was running as normal up there.) Hope you enjoyed your "snow" day! :D


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