Thursday, December 13, 2012

DIY Colored Skinnies

A few weeks ago, I talked about how I was loving these green jeans that have been all over pinterest lately.

Well, I couldn't get them out of my mind.  I needed green skinny jeans.  Yes, I am aware of how ridiculous that statement sounds, but sometimes things stick in my brain and just won't leave until I have them.  Like when I really want a doughnut (right. now.).

I couldn't find a pair I liked in my very meager budget, so I decided to to find a way to make my own.  I love a good DIY project and after looking at a few tutorials online, I was confident I could finally get some green skinny jeans I convinced myself I must have.

I started with some white jeans from Goodwill (which were still more than I wanted to pay, the Goodwills around here are expensive, yo).

The Before-I bought two pairs in case something went horribly wrong

I started by making them 'skinny'.  I didn't take any pictures of this process because it took a lot longer than I expected, and you can find much better tutorials than I could ever write.  The basic idea was to turn the white jeans inside out, lay a pair of skinny jeans that fit over them to pin where you should sew, and sew them up.  Pretty easy process if even I can do it.

Then came the dye!  I dyed my pants in our sink, because I didn't want to risk ruining our washer and our tap water gets extremely hot.  I used two packets of the dark green Rit powder dye, stirred for an entire episode of Merlin, and got this:

Pretty close, right?  The dye took really well, there's only one place where it is a little uneven, but it's only noticeable if you're really looking.

What you can't see is that these pants have a serious case of mom-jean-waist happening.  I was apparently too excited to find a pair of white jeans that somewhat fit that I completely ignored how ill fitting the waist of these pants are on me.  I still wear them, but they make me feel like I should have a couple of teenage kids annoying me while drink wine at an inappropriate hour.

I was so pleased with the green pair, I decided to continue the fun with red dye on my other pair of pants.

The color turned out to be a little brighter than I was anticipating, but aren't they fun?  And so festive for this time of year.  Yes, I may have been called Santa at the mall the day I took this picture, but whatever, haters gonna hate.  I like them.  Even if they did ruin one of my husband's favorite shirts (sorry babe, I'll wash them separately from now on!).

I kind of want to dye pants in all the colors now, but I'm going to hold off until I can find some that actually fit well.  But, for about $10 per pair of pants (dye included), I'm definitely going to try this project again.

What do you think?  Would you ever sew and/or your own pants to take part in a trend?  What color should I dye my next pair of pants?


  1. Wow! I'm really impressed! The color looks great on both of them, and I love colored jeans! They're so fun to brighten up the basics.

  2. Love how they turned out! I would have never thought to dye my own. I too have a pair of red jeans and I love them — they go with a ton of stuff! I still want pink skinny jeans ... or maybe mint-colored ones!

  3. What!?! Those are awesome. I would never think to transform jeans like this.

  4. I have never thought to dye jeans before! You are a genius!

  5. Why did I never think to do this?? I'm going to Goodwill as soon as I get the chance! I hope mine has multiple pairs of white cords too haha

    (side note: you probably know this, but in case you don't, Old Navy has skinny cords in all the colors of the rainbow for very cheap. I'm wearing a pair of $19 mint green cords from there right now!)

    1. I couldn't find a pair that fit right at Old Navy. Also, I am incredibly cheap and $10 was about my maximum since I had no idea how much/little I would wear them.

  6. I think those look absolutely awesome!! I really love green jeans but I hate skinnies and I'm pretty picky about jeans in general so maybe this would be a reality if I actually found a white pair that fit me (doubtful, but still). I suppose I'll just live vicariously though your pants instead ;)

  7. I really love the red ones! So fun!

  8. I would have fucked these up all over the place so I am SUPER impressed! These are freaking AWESOME! Great job, Jess. :)


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