Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Our Holiday Display

I've been noticing a lot of people sharing their beautiful, fun, and festive holiday displays around the blogosphere as of late, so I thought I would share ours.  Except our display is kind of...lacking.

For starters, our tree.  My aunt was getting rid of a couple of trees last year right before we moved out here, so we graciously accepted her four foot pre-lit option.  Sadly, when we put it up last year, the lights didn't work.  I don't know if you've ever tried to remove the lights off of a pre-lit tree, but it's a pain.  We didn't even put lights on it last year, we were so fed up.  At least this year we stepped it up with some LED lights.

Our blurry tree.  

Lights, oooohhhhh!

We don't have many ornaments, only twelve small vintage bulbs I found after Thanksgiving last year when shopping with my dad at an antique store and a few pieces we received as wedding gifts.   We are also fortunate to have two very special ornaments that Brian's memaw crocheted for him many years ago.  They get a prominent spot on our tree, front and center.

Our newest ornament is from the 2012 bee ornament exchange from the lovely Mrs. Lamb.  The vintage feel of it fits right in on our tree, I just love it!

Not appearing on our tree is the ornament I made for my bee giftee, Mrs. Bracelet.  I didn't think an ornament of a bracelet alone would stand out enough on a tree, so I added a ceramic ornament that I painted on our cute little bee.  I was pretty sure my painting would be terrible, but it ended up being really fun and I was happy with the final result.

Under our tree are our presents.  About half of these are from Brian's mom, the other half that are wrapped in the same paper are ours.  Yes, we only have one kind of wrapping paper.  I attempted to jazz them up with some twine, which can barely be seen.

Rounding out our Christmas display: our holiday cards!  We don't have a fun way to display the cards (maybe next year...), so for now they sit on this pretty table that's been in Brian's family for quite a while and that we brought back from Tennessee at Thanksgiving.  This picture we taken about a week ago, and our collection has easily doubled in that time.  A new holiday card in the mailbox never ceases to bring a smile to my face.

Don't worry, I made sure to cover or blur out all the names :)

...And that's it.  All our holiday decorations.  Not super exciting and certainly nothing fancy, but that's about all we can do in our small space.

What about you, do you go all out for the holiday or do you keep things simple like us?


  1. We also have a mini tree. It's perfect for apartment living. I love your Bee ornaments!

  2. That ornament you made for bracelet is so cute!! Chris and I wrapped all of our gifts to each other in the same paper as well. It was left over from last year, but I saw no reason in spending money on buying some new paper.


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