Friday, December 7, 2012

Friday Favorites, Greece Addition

I've decided to dedicate this Friday Favorites post to my favorite things we used while traveling in Greece to wrap up my recaps of our trip.

Fodor's Greece

We actually bought this book several years ago when the now-defunct Borders was going bankrupt and selling it's inventory at marginally discounted prices.  We used it to plan our trip and referred to it several times while we were in Greece as well.

Language Survival Guide

Luckily, most everyone we encountered in Greece spoke some English, but we didn't want to assume that this would be the case.  We tried to address people in Greek not only because it was fun, but because we want to show respect for the culture and language of a country when we visit by using the native language.  I bought this book from Goodwill for fifty cents early on in our planning process and it proved very helpful as a quick language and cultural guidebook.  Our Fodor's book provided a great deal on Greek culture as well, but this book was much easier (ie: thinner) to carry with us.

Travel journal

I blurred out the words to avoid any potentially embarrassing things being on here

In researching our trip, I read that Mrs. Star kept a travel journal during her honeymoon in Greece and thought that it sounded like a great idea.  Every day, I wrote notes about where we went, what we ate, and everything we did while in Greece.  Some days it was tedious, but I can't tell you how happy I am that I kept this journal.  There are so many small details that would have been forgotten already (even with all the pictures we took) if I hadn't made this effort.  I plan to keep this journal and add to it as we take more trips in the future.


Brian and I both bought Toms for our trip.  We wanted lightweight shoes that were comfortable given all the exploring we were planning on doing and Toms seemed to fit that need.  We really tested the limits of our Toms on the hikes we went on (see: the tearing at the seams of my right shoe), but they were perfect for our trip and I wear them all the time now.


Brian insisted that I pack light for this trip.  Actually, his exact phrase was, "I am not carrying any of your shit."  Such a gentleman, I know.  Well, he had a valid reason for making this statement.  When they traveled to Italy a few years back, Brian's mom brought a huge, heavy suitcase that she had to cart through the uneven streets of Europe, which left an impression on him.  To prove I didn't need anyone else to carry my things, I declared I would pack everything in a backpack.  And I did.  Take that, doubtful husband.

I packed 5 dresses, 3 shirts, 2 tank tops, 3 pairs of shorts, one pair of sandals, one pair of jeans, 3 sweaters, undergarments, my travel journal, a magazine, makeup and other toiletries, and a beach bag in this backpack.  We didn't have to check any bags, saving us time and money.  And, Brian can never complain about my packing again.  Win-win-win.

Camera friendly purse

After seeing how many pictures we took while in Greece, it should come as no surprise that I carried my camera everywhere.  As a general rule, I don't like to wear my camera around my neck.  Not only does it scream tourist, but it hurts my neck.  I've been wanting to get a stylish bag to carry my camera around, like one of these, but I'm cheap and couldn't justify the cost of one of those lovely bags.  My solution: make my own.

I found a bag on clearance at American Eagle and decided to add an insert to protect my camera and additional lens I planned to take with me.  I really liked this tutorial from How Joyful, but I am lazy in addition to being cheap, and I couldn't find any foam.  I used quilt batting and fabric I had lying around to create a nice little holder for my camera.  It's definitely not the prettiest or most protective insert, but it served it's purpose and I use it all the time now.

What are your must haves for long trips?

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  1. I know I commented this on an earlier post but YAY TOMS!! :)

    Your packing skills = awesome. I am the worst overpacker EVER. This is so stellar and such a great idea. I'm ridiculously jealous.


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