Monday, April 22, 2013

Happy Earth Day!

Earth Day is one of my favorite holidays because it brings awareness and prompts discussions on many important issues facing our planet today.  It may also have something to do with the fact that it is my birthday as well.

With all of the sad events last week, I decided to skip my weekly favorites post.  Instead, today I'm going to share a few of my favorite eco-friendly products and a few that I wouldn't mind getting for a birthday gift (if you're so inclined :)).

Water Bobble

I wanted to cut down on the number of water bottles I use not only because they are filling up our landfills, but because some may contain nasty chemicals.  I'm still on the lookout for the perfect stainless steel bottle, but until then I have been using these Bobble ones.  They have a filter built into them so you can rest assured the water you are drinking is pure, no matter where you fill it up.

Reusable Grocery Bags

I can't imagine hauling our groceries up to our 19th story apartment every other week (that's my max on grocery shopping) without reusable bags.  Ours are roomy enough that I can fit all the groceries in my reusable bags, which is essential because I also make only one trip from my car with the groceries.

Wine Barrel Serving Tray

I love when things are given a new life with re-purposing, and this wine barrel serving tray does just that.  This would be perfect for serving up cheese and other accouterments with your favorite wine.  The only part I don't like is the $140 price.

Paper Straws

If you followed my wedding planning, you may remember that I was mildly obsessed with paper straws.  They are adorable, biodegradable, and completely practical (I'm still using some of the 300+ leftover straws from our wedding on a regular basis).  Better than regular ol' plastic straws in almost every way.

Solar Power Backpack

$149 from Voltaic

Not only is this backpack made from recycled materials, it is lightweight, waterproof, and harnesses the power of the sun to charge small electronic devices such as phones, mp3 players, tablets, and cameras.  What else could you possibly need?  I think this would be perfect for hikers...which I am not, but I still kind of want one.

Tesla Model S

If we were to buy another car, Brian and I have both agreed it will be electric.  We both think that electric cars are the future due to greater availability, advancements in the technology, and, best of all, zero emissions.  We're not in the market for a car right now since we live and take public transportation into work, but this is basically Brian's dream car.

Do you have any favorite eco-friendly products?  Happy Earth Day to all!


  1. Do you have an elevator to your apartment, or do you have to climb all those stairs with groceries? I also use reusable grocery bags, and our grocery store recycles the plastic ones too, in case I forget the good ones.

    1. Oh yes, there is an elevator. Our elevator can take a really long time though, so I always try to make it in one trip, much to the detriment of my shoulder muscles.


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