Thursday, February 20, 2014

Redecorating: Picking the Perfect Bed

After realizing how crazy expensive furniture can be, we knew we had to prioritize what we wanted to buy lest we completely deplete our savings. I wanted to start in our master bedroom. Brian wanted to start with a dining set. So, we started with the bedroom. Just kidding, we bought both at the same time, but I'm going to start with the bedroom since it's what I wanted.

For our bedroom, I wanted a real, grown-up bed. Our previous bed was a mattress and box spring that sat on a cheap metal frame. Absolutely devoid of style and functionality since it actually rolled all over our hardwood floors thanks to the casters. The metal bed was necessary though because Brian can't fit his ridiculously long body on a queen bed without laying diagonally and thus entering my precious sleep zone. I was ready for an upgrade. A California King sized upgrade.

I started gathering inspiration and pinning all sorts of beautiful upholstered headboards.

DIY Tufted Headboard via Schue Love

Not only are these beds gorgeous (what I wouldn't give for that Modshop one, I'm obsessed you guys), but, as I explained to my husband, these would also be practical since you can lean against them to read or lounge in bed. He wasn't buying it. He hates upholstered headboards. Reluctantly, I gave up my dream and searched for something that would work with both of our styles.

I've always liked sleigh beds and I thought this one's simple design could work for years. Unfortunately, I was afraid that the curved design would take up too much space in our cramped room, so it was eliminated rather quickly.

I really liked the simplicity of this bed's design. It can work in any house and could work for many years to come, I don't have any experience with Macy's furniture though, and I wasn't sure the quality was as good as others we were considering.

This traditional style would fit right into our house and wouldn't go out of style any time soon. Unfortunately, this bed is about double the others we were considering, so we would have to live with it for a really, really long time.

So, what did we choose?

The Hudson bed from PB (not that you can tell that from this terrible picture)! While the cost was really hard to accept, we tried to keep in mind that we would be using this bed every. day. for many years to come. 

And Charlie approves, so obviously we made the right choice!

How do you handle differences of opinion on design with your partner?


  1. Nice new bed! (although I love that green upholstered headboard!) We usually agree on design options for the house, but there have been times where Chris is overwhelmed so I tend to narrow it down to my top five and have him pick from there.

    1. Haha, we try that method, but Brian always tends to pick my least favorite and then I pick something else anyway. Sometimes I'm just a joy :)


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