Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Charlie: 6 Months

So, I haven't posted a Charlie update in quite a while. The truth is, now that he is a little older, he isn't changing very much and I thought weekly updates might be a little much. But, I couldn't just stop updates completely, so here is Charlie at six months. A lot of Charlie since I have some catching up to do.

Trying to fit in a tiny dog bed at Christmas

His favorites: ice-he has a Pavlovian response whenever we open the freezer, playing with other dogs, chewing all the things, chasing birds

Meeting one of my FIL's cows-the cow licked his nose right after I took this

His Least Favorites: getting his nails clipped, people going by the house, unexpected noises

Tollers are supposed to love the water, so we tried in Tennessee (above) at my FIL's house and at a local park (below) to get Charlie to swim. He would only go so far as putting in his legs, but we couldn't blame him, it was cold.

One of my favorite pictures

Personality: Charlie is playful, happy, and stubborn. He is friendly with people and other dogs, unless they are coming by his house. He's become quite the watchdog and little protector of our house. He still hates when either of us leaves and whines and watches out the window for a while after we leave, but he is getting more accustomed to his crate.


Getting some of his excess energy out New Year's Day

New to him: our twelve hour road trip at the holidays (which went surprisingly well), learning the speak command, catching things in his mouth

Bounding through the snow

This face

Love from Charlie!


  1. Awww, that snow picture with his face is adorable!! Snowy puppy!

    1. It is cute, except that Brian was kicking it in his poor little face :(

  2. Charlie pictures make me so happy. He's getting so big!

    1. I know, it makes me so sad. I can't even imagine how I'll feel when we have kids!


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