Friday, February 8, 2013

Friday Favorites

It's Friday, Friday, I love new stuff on Friday (I don't actually know that song, clearly).  This has been kind of a crazy week, starting a new job and all, but I still managed to pull together things that I've been loving lately.

Bee Snood

 I don't really understand why these must be called 'snoods' when they're just round scarves, but the name isn't what I like about this.  You can't really tell in this picture, but the print on this is bees.  You know how much I love my bees, so this immediately caught my eye (the $17 price tag helps too).
American Girl Quiz
I loved this quiz.  It brought me back to my childhood in the best way possible.   Their explanations were spot on and hilarious.  I loved all the American Girl books and somehow convinced my parents to spend a ridiculous amount of money on one of thee dolls (can you guess which one?).
Ivan & Alyosha-"Running for Cover"
YouTube (also the first video I've ever posted)
My friend Molly has wonderful taste in music and has introduced me to some of my favorite bands over the years.  She recently sent me the link to this video, and after listening to it one time I was hooked.  It just makes me smile, even when I'm running, which is an extremely difficult task.
Jim & Pam
I wasn't thrilled with the direction the show was taking Jim & Pam's relationship over the last few episodes, but it looks like the show is bringing back the adorably cute Halperts we all know and love.   They are one of the best TV couples ever, and although I am sad to see them go since the show is ending in May, I hope their story ends as perfectly as it has been told thus far.
What do you love this week?  More importantly, which American Girl doll did (/do) you have?


  1. Ha, I totally had a Samantha!
    I agree The Office has been better this season than some of the previous ones, but I'm kind of ready for it to be over anyway. It just hasn't been the same since Michael Scott left, and what I want to know is why Andy is basically no longer on the show. Corporate is just okay with him taking off on a yachting trip for an indefinite amount of time? Psh, please.

  2. I didn't have one:( Even after multiple Christmases of begging my parents. Instead my mom bought me all the books, as though that made up for it! Obviously, I don't still feel resentful or anything...haha!

  3. I had a Molly, and I think that overview was pretty spot on! I'm going to guess you had a Felicity.

  4. LOL - I totally did not have an American Girl Doll and that assessment was freaking amazing. Thanks for sharing!

  5. I never had an American Girl doll, but I loved all of the books! I'm with you on Jim and Pam. I wasn't really a fan of where they were going (although it could totally happen in a marriage), but I'm hoping they have a nice outcome when the show ends.

  6. I never had an American Girl doll, and I'm still bitter about it. :-(

  7. Those dolls were after my time, but I remember seeing the catalog while babysitting once and loving Kirsten or maybe it was Samantha. I can't keep them all straight!

    I loooove that bee scarf!

  8. I looooved the American Girl dolls. Thanks for bringing that back today!! I totally had Kirsten :)


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