Friday, February 22, 2013

Happy Weekendings

I don't know about you, but I am so glad this week is finally over.  Even though it was a short work week, it dragged on and on for me, partly because I have been sick this week (yuck) and partly because I've had several things requiring my immediate attention pop up (double yuck).

So, I'm ready to put this week in the rearview and focus on fun things this weekend.  Like seeing Jennifer Lawrence win an Oscar on Sunday. 

Haute Look - Love her and hoping to see her win!
While dying some more pants!  I purchased some white pants from Goodwill weeks ago and I've been slowly working on making them skinny fit (with varying levels of success).  I've gotten the fit as good as I am able, so they are all set to take on new, fun colors.  I was still debating which colors I wanted, when I found the perfect color on an episode of Happy Endings.  I can't find a picture from the show, but this is pretty close:

Via - like these, but less pink

And finally unpacking the shopping bags from our mega shopping trip last weekend (I took your advice on how to spend my first check and it. was. awesome.)

This picture was taken Monday, but it looks exactly the same today.
What are you looking forward to this weekend?


  1. Do I see Brian relaxing in the background of the shopping picture? Looks like you had a good trip! :) -E

    1. Yes, at this him. Don't tell him though, I told him he couldn't be seen :) It was quite the trip, indeed!

  2. Yes, love Jennifer Lawrence! Also, love those coral-y skinnies... I seriously debated a pair when I was on my own shopping trip last week!


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