Friday, August 30, 2013

An Extra Happy Friday

Today marks the first day we are officially living solely in our house (and therefore are down to one ridiculous payment a month, yay!)!  All of our stuff has been moved, the unpacking has begun, and our list of projects has exploded as we spend more time in our (!!!) house.

It's been exhausting and educational, but we are loving home ownership.  Although I am happy to put apartment living behind us, there are a few things I know I am going to miss, such as:

1.  The convenience

Photo by Prince Roy

Our old building was half a block to the metro, across the street from Panera, Chipotle, and two Starbucks, and within walking distance to the library.  Basically, it was a commuters dream.  Unfortunately, our building was full of douchehats and drunken college students, so we're happy to leave that behind.

2.  The lack of bugs

No one wants to see pictures of bugs, 

Living nineteen stories up means we rarely saw any bugs in our apartment.  I think I saw two the entire time we lived there, whereas we killed about four grasshoppers in our basement the first day here.  At least I haven't seen any spiders....yet.

3.  The gym

I wish this was our gym-Via

I know most people find running on treadmills to be boring, but I am boring and I like running indoors where I can control the elevation and who will see me workout.  I had a treadmill at my dad's, but I doubt it will be coming out of his basement any time soon (bitch is heavy), so I'll have to suck it up and run outside until I can get a replacement.

4.  Our view!

Sunset from our old place

At nineteen stories up, we got some incredible views of the setting sun.  Now we'll just have to take more vacations to get my fill of beautiful views.

5.  Free Coffee

From Pintrest

On the weekdays, our apartment provided free coffee, including those flavored syrups you can pump in to make it taste less like coffee.  I tried not to partake too often, but it was so nice to be able to get coffee without having to make it myself when I really wanted it.

I think we made a great trade off in moving into our house and neighborhood, it will just take some time to adjust to this new location.  

I plan on sharing our house buying process in the next few weeks, so get excited (unless you hate that type of stuff, in which case, you should probably watch something on tv).

Happy, happy Friday!


  1. The bugs thing is the reason I will never rent anything on the ground floor or in a basement.

    I can't wait to hear more about the new house!

  2. I honestly think I have killed over 100 spiders since moving into our house. And yet, if one sneaks up on me, I'm paralyzed and need someone else to take care of business :)

  3. Aw, but grasshoppers are nice and don't do anything! We have some big ones in our back courtyard that my cat likes to chase, but it's kind of sad when she catches them. All other bugs can die — we've had probs with roaches and ants before. The free coffee would be a hard one to leave!

  4. Yay for your first official day of living in just your house!! I know what you mean about the project list growing as you spend more time... can't wait to see what those projects are!

    I've had to grow a thick skin about the bugs... especially living in a wooded area and with how long the doors were left open while various contractors were doing work. The bugs don't bother me as much as the geckos... now those I still give a little scream for!


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