Friday, August 23, 2013

Friday Favorites: Back to School Edition

I haven't had much time this week between packing, moving boxes, and running out to stores to get things vital to new home living (like a step stool).  While I was at Target this week I couldn't help but be drawn to their huge back to school displays.

Back to School was always my favorite time of year.  I loved getting new, cute notebooks, folders, and pens and finding out which of my friends would be in my class.  Even today, I love new office supplies and find it hard to resist buying loads of new stuff when back to school sales start every year.

So, I'm dedicating this post of some of my favorite things for back to school.

Gel Pens 

I'm a sucker for multicolored pens, especially packs that have green ones in them.  As a lefty, most ballpoint pens are at best infuriating and at worst useless.  After handwriting two bar exams (yes, I'm crazy), I've found that these pens write nicely and are comfortable, so they are always my go to writing utensil.

Magnet Calendar

As a magnet lover, I was immediately drawn to this fun calendar.  I would have loved this for my high school (or law school) locker.  The best thing is that it can be used year after year since you have all the months and dates already.

Pretty Notebooks

Martha Stewart at Staples

Oh, how I love notebooks.  I could buy a thousand of them just because I like the covers.  I wrote all my notes for classes until I was in law school and I truly believe a pretty notebook can make a difference in taking quality notes.


A new school year is not complete without a new bag.  Although a backpack is certainly more practical for hauling books, this satchel is too cute and would be perfect for carrying a laptop and a notebook.

Pony Express Stationary

So, these aren't exactly a school necessity, but they are too cute not to include in my list.  Everyone needs a nice stationary set, and this set is perfect and oh so pretty.

Did you love or dread going back to school?  What was your favorite back to school accessory?


  1. gahhhh I LOOOVE school supplies! I just bought new pens and highlighters for work, and it made me so excited.

    1. Oh, and a gorgeous new planer. It has red leather covers stamped with gold foil, and looks cute yet professional. I'm in love. Thanks, Paper Source!

    2. A new job is the perfect reason to stock up on supplies and a beautiful planner!

  2. I love school supplies too! I got a cute polka-dot book bag my senior year of high school and it is STILL holding on even though I was terribly rough on it during college. I love that satchel! But I think mechanical pencils were always my favorite, since they wrote so smooth!

    1. Oooh, a polka dot backpack sounds so cute, I would keep it as long as humanly possible!

  3. I love school supplies! I was rendered paralyzed in Paper Source the other day just looking at everything I could buy! Those pens you selected are my pens of choice!

    1. I can't even go into Paper Source, I just want to buy everything!


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