Tuesday, August 13, 2013

It has Begun...

"It" being the joy of packing and moving our lives from one domicile to the next.


We got boxes (for free) from one of Brian's coworkers on Saturday and I've spent the last few days packing up all nonessential items.  Since our apartment is less than 800 square feet, I assumed this would be a rather quick task, but I'm always shocked to realize just how much stuff we have (so. many. books.).

And now that the end of our apartment living is near, I have completely given up on cleaning.  Knowing we will clean once we are officially out of the apartment is all the motivation I need to find anything else to do.  I can name our last four meals based on the food residue on our stove.  The carpet officially has more hair than carpet fibers.  Don't even get me started on the mess that is our shower.

Our moving day cannot come soon enough.

Do you have any moving tips?  Anyone else have no motivation to clean knowing they'll just have to clean again before they move out?


  1. How long until you officially move out? If the house is really dirty, I can't stand it for more than like, a week tops, and I'll go ahead and at least clean the things that bother me.

    No tips for moving, just commiseration on my end!

  2. Leave all your hanging clothes on the hangers, rip a hole in the bottom of garbage bags and use them like a garmet bag! Makes it so easy to throw them in your new closet!

  3. We used the garbage bag trick for hanging clothes and it was SO convenient! We also put styrofoam plates between our plates and put our glassware in liquor/wine boxes. Good luck!

  4. Isn't it always crazy realizing how much crap you have? I'm weird and love moving because it means throwing away so much of that crap. So, I guess my moving tip is: be ruthless about throwing things out/donating things. It's so satisfying to look at everything in your new house and know there's a specific reason for owning everything you do.

    1. I'm the same way! I moved 8 times in 6 years in Boston and I grew to love the process. It's made me less sentimental about "stuff" and more apt to treasure things that really have value.

  5. Oh many packing! I guess that is the one thing we don't really have to do since our packed boxes from the apartment are still in the storage shed waiting for the movers to move them to the house. I was like you about cleaning, I figured it could just wait since we had to do the deep clean for move out. Packing stinks, but moving in will be so nice!!

    Like Molly said, I used the packing as a way to donate so much stuff that we wouldn't need in the new house.

  6. We did the garbage bag thing, too. Those bags also protected our clothes when we had the decorative plaster swirls sanded off all of our ceilings. :)

  7. Important question: Is there more or less hair in your carpet than our college apartment?

    One nice thing about being pregnant is I don't really shed hair anymore, which makes cleaning the bathroom easier. My cats, however, have not followed suit :)

    Jenny Mac

  8. We just moved again a few weeks ago (second time this year - urgh!) and I totally feel you on the cleaning, it sucks so much! My biggest tip is on moving day, try to get as much stuff out of boxes as possible, even if it leaves behind piles of stuff, because those boxes stink once they've been sitting around for awhile!


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