Sunday, September 22, 2013

Charlie: Eleven Weeks

This was our second full week with Charlie and while we are still not getting a full night's sleep, we are finally settling into a new, almost manageable routine as a family.   And, after a week of being somewhat reserved, Charlie is really starting to show us his fun and energetic personality.  He loves to run around and play and absolutely loves meeting new people, which is great because it seems like everyone in our new neighborhood stops and wants to talk to him! 

His likes:  eating worms, leaves, and sticks (gross), playing with tennis balls, kids, playing outside

Model pup

His dislikes: being apart from us for any amount of time, crate training, the blender

How Charlie feels about being in his crate

Learned this week: How the go down the stairs, the down command, how to jump off the couch (he's so mobile now!)

Helping Brian pulling some weeds
Looking forward to:  more leaves falling off the trees so he can eat them

The end!


  1. I cannot even handle the cuteness.

  2. Charlie has to be the cutest puppy that has ever existed. - Molly A.


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