Monday, September 30, 2013

Charlie: Twelve Weeks

This was a big week for Charlie; he visited the vet for the first time and we learned he healthy and up to a hefty thirteen pounds!  Everyone at the vet's office thought he was the cutest thing, and we are not ones to disagree with the sentiments of the masses.

I mean, c'mon!

His likes:  cheese, the world's best motivator, running around the yard, giving us 'kisses'

His dislikes:  loud noises, going on walks, teething (I'm assuming because he chews on everything)

Learned this week:  the stay command (well, sort of), that one of this crates is not so bad after all

Love these ears! I've been wanting to get this picture for ages!

Looking forward to:  a play date next weekend, more leaves falling off the trees so he can eat them

Doesn't he look so big (and handsome) in this picture?!
Charlie decided the console in the middle of my car was a good place to take a nap

I managed to lock us out of the house one day, so we had to spend an extended period of time outside while we waited for Brian to come home from work and let us back in.  I used this opportunity to try to take a decent selfie of the two of us.  Needless to say, I failed quite spectacularly.

This was the best one.
Happy Monday from Charlie :)


  1. Can your blog just be puppy pics from now on? I am obsessed with him!

    1. Honestly? Yes, it really could be. I take more pictures of our pup than what is probably healthy.


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