Monday, September 16, 2013

Charlie: Ten Weeks

The way I feel about our puppy is how I imagine most people feel about their children.  I'm basically obsessed with him and I think he is the greatest thing that has happened in my life (after my husband, since I don't have to clean up his poop).

I've decided the best way to feed my obsession is to share it with all of you with regular updates.  I assume you won't mind too much, because this means more puppy pictures!

Nicknames:  Charlie, Charlie Boy, Bud, Buddy, Dummy (said in your best Dennis Duffy impression), Stinker

His loves:  belly rubs, chewing on anything and everything, sitting on the couch with us, and Pupperoni treats

His dislikes:  being left alone, the vacuum, when Brian sneezes really loudly, and his leash and collar

Learned this week:  how to go up stairs (going back down will take a little more work), the sit command, and his name!

Looking forward to:  Getting housebroken (more so is than him), meeting the other dogs in the neighborhood, and learning new commands.

Alright, I promise to get back to house search posts next!


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