Thursday, March 28, 2013

Fight For The Right

Unless you've been living under a rock, you know that over the last couple of days the Supreme Court heard oral argument on two potentially groundbreaking cases on marriage equality.  Although the written decision of the court is months away, the awareness of the issues and support for equality over the last few days has been overwhelming.

Being in DC, I decided to head over to the Supreme Court yesterday to check out the ongoing demonstrations.  I wished I could have watched some of the oral argument, but I knew that wouldn't happen when I heard that people had started lining up last weekend to secure their spot.  

The crowd of supporters and opponents was much lighter than the day before (at least when you look at these photos), but there was still a decent crowd of observers.

And, then there was this guy standing off to the side.  Not sure why he didn't want to stand with the others, but he was making his position known.

There are a lot of potentially positive things to come out of these cases, but my favorite so far was Justice Ginsberg's comparison of a state only recognized marriage to skim milk.  She's always been my favorite Justice, but this awesome metaphor made me respect her even more.  Whole milk ftw!

Illustration from Slate by Natalie Matthews-Ramo

What are your thoughts on the skim milk / whole milk marriage debate?

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  1. I would've loved to have been there for the arguments, but I settled for listening to them on my phone during a workout. RBG is always my fave. :-)


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