Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Snow Day!

A giant winter storm system is upon us here in the DC area, which has pretty much shut down the entire city.  My office, along with the vast majority of others in the area, are closed for the day (at least), resulting in my very first snow day in this area!

WJLA - Our projected snowfall

Although this amount of snow would rarely cause a snow day where I am from (especially when you consider that most of the snow is melting as it falls on the roads), I am relishing today by reverting back to the habits of my unemployed days.

View from our place
I am going to spend my day watching something on Netflix, reading, sipping hot chocolate, and wondering how my empty day goes by so quickly.
Some big flakes from this morning
What do you do on snow days?


  1. I want a snow day! When it snows in Milwaukee people are just like "meh" and they go about their day. My cousin in texas used to get "snow days" at the faintest threat of a snowflake. I should move there. Enjoy your day off!

  2. It looks beautiful! We've barely seen cold weather at all this winter. :( If it snowed I'd want to go out and play in it!


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