Friday, March 29, 2013

Friday Favorites

So, this is late, but it's still technically Friday so I'm still going to post this.

The Chickeneers

Watch this.  Now. It's worth it, trust me.  I actually cried a little from laughing so hard.  Jimmy Fallon, Nick Offerman, and Blake Shelton are my new heroes.

Mad Men

The fifth season of Mad Men began streaming on Netflix this week and I have been all over it.  So far, this season has been full of punchy one liners, scheming characters, and a hell of a lot of smoking.  I find it hard to believe that life in the sixties was so full of adultery and deceit, but I find this show fascinating nonetheless.

Rikka Ayasaki

Via Saatchi 

While browsing Pinterest, I happened across the work of this artist and was immediately drawn to it.  I searched further and found many more works by Rikka Ayasaki that I love.  I'm not an art aficionado by any means, but her work is so beautiful to me.  Hopefully I can have one of her beautiful pieces of my own someday.

Happy Easter weekend everyone!


  1. That video made my day! Thank you!

  2. That video is awesome! I really like to believe that Nick Offerman is exactly like Ron Swanson in real life. I hope it's true. And I already have a huge crush on Blake Shelton. So amazing!

  3. That video is amazing! I love Blake Shelton: he seems to be just a really fun guy! :D


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