Friday, March 15, 2013

Friday Favorites: Saint Patrick's Day Edition

I think Saint Patrick's Day is one of the greatest holidays ever.  Everyone wears green and imbibes entirely too much beer.  It's like the drunken herald of spring.  In honor of this fantastic holiday, I'm dedicating this post to all things green to ensure you won't get pinched by some annoying frat boy this weekend.

Messenger Bag

I seriously want this bag.  No, I need this bag (to go on sale).  Can you believe I don't own a green bag?  Crazy talk I tell you, crazy talk.

Mad Men Top

Banana Republic is welcoming back another season of Mad Men by introducing a line of sixties inspired clothing and accessories.  I couldn't help falling in love with several pieces, including this perfect green sweater.

Essie's Nail Polish

Am I the only person who have never tried Essie nail polish?  I feel like it based on the pins I see.  If I were to try Essie, I would definitely try this beautiful emerald color.

Green Pants

These pants look so cute and comfy, I just want to crawl into them all weekend.

Green Flats

Nine West Widgeon via Zappos

Aren't these adorable?!  Sadly, I cannot buy them because I already own a pair of green patent leather ballet flats and my husband insists that I do not need more than one pair (false. I need them ALL).

Green Blazer

Besides looking as though you've just won the Master's Tournament, I really love this green blazer.  Even though I am not much of a casual blazer wearer, this jacket would add such a nice pop of color and sophistication to casual weekend outfits.  And, as a bonus, it totally reminds me of a leprechaun.

What will you be wearing for the holiday?  Have a safe and happy Saint Paddy's Day everyone!


  1. SO MUCH GREEN!!!!

    Essie nail polish is the best. It's my favorite brand. I love the way the bottles look, and the polish stays on the best, I think. I definitely need that color for this weekend!

    That blazer is to-die-for!

  2. I've also never tried Essie, but based on Molly's review I might have to try it? I dunno, I like the cheap kind from Target. :) And I agree, you can never have too many almost-identical shoes!

  3. I love all the green! I'm wearing green skinny jeans for St. Patty's day- they are my favorite anyway, and figure this is just another good excuse to wear them :)

  4. I tried Essie for the first time last weekend when I borrowed it from my sister! :) I found that it applies really well and dries very quickly (much quicker than OPI) but it also completely chipped within a few days, which OPI never does for me.


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