Wednesday, March 13, 2013

It's official...

...I am no longer a resident if Illinois. This should not really be that groundbreaking since I haven't actually lived in Illinois for quite some time, but I got something recently made this a reality--my new driver's license.

There were a lot of reasons I waited so long to get my new license, including pure laziness.  But, the main reason I waited so long is because I didn't want to give up my Illinois license. Well, I didn't want to give up the picture on my Illinois license.

The last time I had my license picture taken in Illinois I had just turned 21. As in, I had just turned 21 at midnight the night before.  I was slightly hung over from my escapades the night before, but that didn't stop me from getting up bright at early the day of my twenty first birthday to get to the DMV for my new license.

The picture of exuberance and youth.  The 'void' punch seems apropos, no?

 By some stroke of twenty first birthday magic, the picture turned out awesome.  I'm aware that sounds incredibly vain, but I think we can all appreciate the importance of a good looking driver's license picture.  You have to whip that thing out all the time; to buy wine, get into bars, to buy more wine, you get my point.

So, you can see why I was hesitant to give up such a decent (and sentimental) picture.  When I couldn't avoid the need for a new license any longer, I dreaded how my picture would turn out.

It turns out, my fears were well founded.  I got my new license and that picture is bad.  I'm not going to put it on here for various reasons, but trust me, it's not good.  Not only is the picture in black and white (making my makeup application that morning for naught), but I wasn't allowed to smile.  It looks like a mug shot (except the accused can smile in their mug shots if they wish).  My husband laughed for a good ten minutes after seeing my new license.  And, unless we move to another state, I'm stuck with this picture for eight long years.

Has anyone else kept license out of vanity?


  1. Yes! I loved the picture on my license when I moved into my first solo apartment. Luckily when my husband and I moved into our apartment I was able to change the address online and use the same picture. Sadly after we got married and I changed my name I had to take a new picture and it did not turn out as good.

  2. Wow, that IS a great pic! I was so happy with my 18th-birthday license photo that I just wanted to keep renewing it forever and ever ... but it didn't work out that way. I still have it in my wallet though, since it has my maiden name on it, just in case.

  3. The same thing happened to me when I gave up my Illinois license! Maybe Illinois just knows how to do it up right.

  4. I CAN'T WAIT to see your new picture the next time we get together! Yet, another reason to move back home!! Miss you! -BW

  5. This post made me incredibly sad. Little Guzzy is very sad as well :( I'm still hopeful that you will be back in Illinois soon!

    Yes, I always liked your Illinois Driver's License picture, it was a, "Yay, I'm 21 face!" I take awesome license picture. Now every other type of picture on the planet that I take is horrible, but driver's licenses have always been great.

    P.S. Send Beth and I the new driver's license picture on our facebook page, okay :)


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