Friday, March 8, 2013

Friday Favorites

This week has been somewhat strange.  With a snow day on Wednesday, the week felt simultaneously longer and shorter.  Somehow, I've successfully managed to make it to the end of another week, so I'm going to sit back, sip on some wine, and enjoy a few of my new favorite things.

The Best T-Shirt Ever

I need this shirt in my life.  Harry Potter + Mean Girls  = Perfection.

Goat Cheese Cheesecake

Some of my co-workers had goat cheese cheesecake from a food truck at lunch, and raved about it.  Although I didn't have any, I want need to try this concoction as soon as humanly possible.  I just need to find someone to help me eat it!


Who else is excited that new episodes of Grimm are back tonight?  This is definitely one of our favorite shows and it feels like it has been forever since there were new episodes (I'm a little impatient too), so I'm super excited that it's finally back.  It looks as if things are about to get heated with some of the characters, and I'm hoping it will bring out some badassery from the main character, Nick, and his witty sidekick Monroe.

Ponies Wearing Sweaters

Photographs by Rob McDougall/VisitScotland via PetaPixel

Aaaaaand I've found another adorable reason why I need to visit Scotland asap.  Also, I want one!

What do you love this week?  Who else loves pop culture mash ups as much as I do?


  1. I would gladly come to DC and help you eat cheesecake of any variety, but ESPECIALLY goat cheese cheesecake!!

  2. Dying over the ponys wearing sweaters. This was a four day week for me, also, but I feel like I've been at work for a consecutive year. Ugh. Happy Weekend!

  3. I'm with you on the excitement for Grimm to be back!


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