Friday, June 7, 2013

Friday Favorites: Pool Party Edition

This weekend, we are heading to our first real 'summer' event--a pool party!  If I had more time, I would go shopping to find something fun and fashionable to wear.  Unfortunately, this event crept up on me (seriously, how is it June?!) and I'm out of time to shop for a new outfit.  Here are a few things I would consider purchasing for the party if I had given myself enough time.

I'm not usually a fan of shorts (or, more accurately, my thighs in shorts), but I could make an exception for this adorable coral pair.  The color is fun and could go with so many things in my wardrobe right now.  And, since they're from Old Navy, they are very reasonably priced.

A pool party requires appropriate swimwear and this retro inspired two piece fits the bill.  It's modest, but cute and is my favorite color.  Of course, I don't actually plan on swimming at this pool party (it's a work function more than a pool party), but if I did, this would be my pick.

My go-to outfit for parties is a fun dress; I immediately feel put together for any occasion.  A pool party calls for a more casual garment and this dress would be ideal for not appearing overdressed while staying cool due to the cutouts on the back (seriously, the back is the best part).

I've always loved oversized sunglasses, thanks to my love of all things Audrey, and these are perfection.  Not only do they imitate my favorite fashion icon's style, but they are green.  Anthopologie, you have done it again.  Clearly, I must have these.  Luckily, they're only $30, so I'm hoping I can actually make these mine in the near future.

Let's be honest, there's no way I would actually wear this hat.  I could see myself buying it, loving it, and then talking myself out of wearing it for fear of looking silly.  It would probably look out of place at a pool party, but perfect for frolicking on the beach (and it would look great with the new clothes I want to buy above).

What do you wear to a pool party?  Does anyone actually swim at these things?!


  1. Love that dress and the sunnies! I've never been to a work pool party. Sounds a bit odd. If I swam, I'd wear a one-piece, but I highly doubt I'd get in the water. It just seems too awkward.

  2. I feel the same way about hats — they're so cute, but I feel like a tool when I wear them! I don't know that I would swim at a work party either...

  3. Ohh I love those peach-colored shorts! I have a hat like that I bought on our honeymoon, and I wear it to the beach - but definitely feel awkward wearing it if I'm walking around in public. It's so nice to put it over my face when we're at the beach or pool, though - it blocks out so much sun!


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