Wednesday, June 19, 2013

TV Reunions that Should Happen

There are a lot of reunions happening lately:  Arrested Development just came out with a new season, Anchorman is coming out with its highly anticipated sequel in December, and the internet blew up when Girl Meets World, a Boy Meets World reunion of sorts, was announced as in the works.  I blame the nostalgic in me, but I love a good reunion.  Seeing actors as the characters we love just makes me happy.  So, here's my list of shows that should have a reunion tour:

Full House

Ok, hear me out.  I don't want Full House of the early nineties, full of cheesy life lessons.  Instead, I'm imagining a well written, Modern family-esque, raunchy joke laden comedy.  After years of living it up in his bachelor pad, Danny Tanner's entire family returns after his teachings failed.  Self depreciation will be a major facet of the new show that those of us who grew up on Full House can truly understand and appreciate.

The West Wing

The West Wing is one of the most well written shows in television history and is ripe for a return to prime time.  (Side note-Brian has never seen this show, we are remedying that asap)  I would love to see the gang reunite to support a newly elected president, preferably C.J. (Allison Janney), Charlie (Dule Hill), or Sam (Rob Lowe).  Of course, the other characters would come back to support their old friend, including former President Bartlet who would make many appearances as a  trusted adviser.


The truth is out there.  A reunion should be too.  X-Files had something for everyone; mystery, science fiction, and the slow burn romance between Scully and Mulder.  With Fringe off the air, there is a serious lack of shows in this genre on network television (vampire and werewolf shows do not count).  I'd love to see a continuation of the dark and mysterious happenings that made this show a hit.


It would be a crime not to include Friends on this list, wouldn't it?  Fans went crazy a few months ago when a rumor surfaced that an eleventh season was in talks.  Unfortunately, the show's creator quashed those rumors (and our dreams) when she unequivocally declared it false.  That won't stop me from hoping our six favorite friends will reunite for situations that never fail to make me laugh and cry.

What show would you like to see have a reunion season?


  1. This is besides the point, but you know what I never got about that Friends picture? Why are they all sharing milkshakes when there are several perfectly good treats sitting there not being enjoyed? I am perplexed and saddened.

    I would love to see a reunion of pretty much anything. Nostalgia for the win!

    1. I was thinking the same thing about the ice creams earlier today, what is up with that?!

  2. YESSSSSS to The West Wing!!! Best show ever.

    1. Indeed. I'm loving reliving its awesomeness for the first time with Brian!

  3. Oh, Friends. Please get back together!

    1. I KNOW. It would make me so happy. Marta Kauffman needs to get with the program.


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