Friday, June 14, 2013

Friday Flag Day Favorites

Happy Flag Day!  I know Flag Day is not the most popular holiday, and I feel that is just a shame.  There are so many fun, impractical ways to incorporate the flag into your everyday life.  Here are a few of my favorites from around the web:

Stars Sweater

I think Old Navy has the market cornered on flag themed paraphernalia.  Normally,  I find clothing that has a flag incorporated into it extremely cheesy, but this is sweater is patriotic without going over the top.  It's probably a little too warm to wear something like this right now, but it would be adorable as a cover up at night or for watching fireworks.

Patriotic Tart

The best way to celebrate any holiday is with food (obviously) and this flag themed tart looks amazing.  Berries make this tart fresh, colorful, and slightly healthier than cake.

Stars and Strips Scarf

I love that this scarf has a slight vintage feel to its with muted colors.  It reminds me of the flags we displayed at our house growing up, except those smelled musty and old and you wouldn't want to drape them around your neck.

Trinket Box

I believe you can never have too many trinket boxes, and I just love this little flag one.  I could see it holding keys, sunglasses, or other items that you don't necessarily want to see sitting out all the time.

Where do you stand on flag inspired products?  Happy Flag Day y'all!


  1. That flag dessert is one of my summer favorites. Someone always brings one to a 4th of July party, and I always have at least 2 pieces.

  2. I really like that sweater! And that dessert looks yummy. As far as flag inspired products go, I can see having one or two things, but I get wary of wearing red, white and blue together on any day but Memorial Day and the Fourth.

  3. Happy Flag Day! I would totally wear that scarf, even on non-Flag holidays. And I never say no to cake, even if it's got fruit on it. :)

  4. I love the flag scarf! I saw it on a Groupdealz email a week or so ago and they said it was a hot item. I'm so clueless that I assumed they were exaggerating...but I've seen it a bunch in the week since!


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