Friday, June 21, 2013

Summer Lovin'

Happy first day of Summer!  Although I am sad to see Spring, my favorite season, be finished for another year, I'm trying to embrace this new, hot and humid season.  To do so, I'm focusing on the fun things I hope to do this summer.

1.  Use the rooftop pool at our apartment complex.

Our neglected pool

2.  Eat corn on the cob (yummm).

3.  Make honey lemonade.

4.  Go to a baseball game.

President's Race - My favorite part of any Nationals game

5.  Eat ice cream from a waffle cone.

6.  Get out of town . . . location tbd, suggestions welcomed :)

7.  Eat an entire watermelon by myself.  Yes, I can and I will.

8.  See some fireworks.

9.  Go on a photo safari.

10.  Make a fun summer drink.  I'm thinking something bubbly with fruit.

11.  Visit the Smithsonian museums I haven't been to.

12.  Visit Mount Vernon, it's been on my list far too long already.

13.  Find a new summer dress.

14.  Explore a new area of DC.

15.  Enjoy the long days while they last!

What are your summer plans?

1 comment:

  1. Most of my summer plans involve marathon training or going to my in-laws' lake house in Michigan. I wish I had a rooftop pool to use!


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