Monday, October 14, 2013

Charlie: Fourteen Weeks

This past week has been so dreary with the nor'easter slamming the East coast and the government shutdown slamming federal employees all over the place.  We didn't get out as much this week and we got even fewer pictures because the sun hasn't been out for over a week.  I did manage to get  a couple cute ones though, but now you know why they're all indoors and badly lit.

I can haz treat?

His Likes: going anywhere in the car, the park, other dog friends, watching the tv

His Dislikes: when we take 'his' spot on the couch (see above), when we mess with his paws

The "I want up on the couch" look

Learned this week: working on jumping onto things so we don't have to pick him up every ten seconds when he's deciding whether he wants to be on the couch with us or playing with his toys

My boys-right before the lickfest began

Looking forward to: a guy's weekend when I'm out of town this coming week

Say what?!

Love from Charlie!


  1. Love that pic of him climbing on top of Brian!

  2. But his little paws just beg to be played with!

  3. OMG I wish we lived closer so our puppies could be friends - Charlie is adorable!! I love that he has "his" spot on the couch :)


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