Monday, October 7, 2013

Charlie: Thirteen Weeks

Yesterday was the Monday from hell for me, so today I'm going to share some extra Charlie to make up for it.  Hope you guys don't mind.

Charlie is not impressed with Monday
His Likes:  visitors (we had multiple friends come by this week, Charlie was so happy), his blanket, laying on the bed with us, weekends

His Dislikes: going on walks, the dark, mornings

Learned this week: the come command, perfecting the other commands

Looking forward to:  the upcoming three day weekend, getting his room spruced up (yes, Charlie has his own room in our house), the cooler weather!

We tried to get some good action shots of Charlie this week, which made me realize my camera + lenses are not. fast. enough.  We had fun trying though :)

Love this face!

Those ears!

We think Charlie is going through quite a growth spurt right now because he has been sleeping like crazy!  This is alright with us, since we have finally gotten a few full nights of sleep.

Growing into those long legs and paws

Happy Tuesday all!

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