Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Charlie: Sixteen Weeks

I feel as though I've been playing catch up ever since I got back from Austin (....over a week ago). With Halloween this week, yet another weekend trip this coming weekend, and trying to get all the things before guests come at Thanksgiving, I am feeling a little overwhelmed. Luckily, I have a sweet puppy to distract me!

This week, Charlie got the last of his puppy shots which means we can take him out without worrying he'll contract rabies or something.
I swear he has started posing for this picture every week

His likes: lotion (he tries to lick it off of us), chewing on everything, jumping (unfortunately, we don't like this)

His dislikes: pumpkins, strollers (our friend's), frost


New this week: the shake command 

Looking forward to: Halloween, obviously.

We took Charlie out this past weekend to a 'nature' trail with a friend and his chocolate lab.  We were hoping the pups could go off leash a little, but the trail was packed with people out enjoying the crisp fall weather and changing leaves.

my loves!

It seemed as if everyone commented on what a cute puppy Charlie is and wanted to stop and pet him.

Dog kisses

My model dog :)


  1. He is just such a cutie! I too would want to stop and pet him!

  2. I can tell just from your photos how soft his fur is and couldn't resist petting him either! These posts are giving me puppy fever!


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