Friday, October 25, 2013

Halloween Candy Favorites

One of many things I'm looking forward to in our new house is finally having trick-or-treaters to pass out candy to on Halloween. Growing up, the only kids that came to our house were friends or related to us. In my old apartments we would buy the candy and put the note on our door that indicated trick-or-treaters were welcome, but no one ever came by.

Our neighborhood is full of kids and our house is within walking distance to a grade school, so we are counting on lots of cute little kids showing up on Halloween. Before they all descend on our house though we need to prepare by buying lots and lots of candy (I didn't buy any yet because I know I would eat it all before Halloween).

I'm a firm believer in buying Halloween candy that you really like since you'll be enjoying all the leftovers. These are a few my favorites I hope to pass out come Halloween!

I pretty much love everything with caramel, but adding the cookie crunch takes Twix to another level.  There will definitely be some of these in our bowl!

I often choose York Peppermint Patties for the crisp mint flavor, but the fact that they claim to be 'a low fat food' takes the guilt out of eating one or two (or ten).

While I'll never understand why their mascot looks like a booger with a face, I've always loved Nerds. Not only are they a little sour and sweet, but they make a nice maraca sound if you're bored. Their only drawback is how easily they can slip from your hand on the way to your mouth to the floor.

The combination of malted milk balls and chocolate is perfection and these have always been one of my favorite Halloween treats. They're not as common as some of the other candies too, so I always considered them more special and saved them until the end.

Caramel, crunch, and a cameo in one of my favorite The Office episodes ever (name that episode!), what's not to love about 100 Grand?

At first bite, it might seem that you could break of tooth on one of these, but once you get past that stage, Bit-O-Honey is such a delicious candy.  The only problem is that they are nearly impossible for me to find, I had to go five different places before finding them for our wedding candy bar.

As a lover of both Snickers and peanut butter, I was a little skeptical about combining the two. After I tried them though, I was a total convert. These are addictive and delicious and (dare I say it?) better than the original.

After looking at this, I noticed several of my favorites are advertised as being lower in fat, which is funny to me since none of these options are considered 'healthy'.

What's your favorite Halloween candy? Do you pass it out on Halloween or hoard it for yourself?


  1. It's that episode when Michael presents to Ryan's class in business school! "You will earn a hundred grand."
    I love York peppermint patties. And Whoppers are for sure underrated. But nothing beats Reese's peanut butter cups!

  2. You were wise to not already pick up candy! We did and have been snacking on it ever since. My favs are smarties, nerds, skittles, Reese's, Twix and Crunch bars.

  3. I love Snickers, Starbursts, Twix, and caramels! I also liek those favored Tootsie Rolls. Sadly,w e don't really get many Trick or Treaters, so I'm buying one small bag of candy to keep us from ruining ourselves.


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